A nuts and bolts 8-week course for law firm owners who want to lead, profit, and then sell their law firms within 1-5 years for top dollar to someone who will continue their legacy and take care of their clients and team.

You’re tired, overwhelmed, burned out and just ready to close your doors and escape it all

… but you don’t know how you’ll wind down without hurting your clients or letting down your staff or even what you’ll do next in life.

The thought of leaving your practice is both emotionally exhilarating and exhausting, which keeps you paralyzed from doing anything but staying still in the same day-to-day grind.

And when you’re laying in bed at night not able to sleep, questions like these pop up:

  • How much is my firm worth
  • Why would anyone want to buy it
  • Is it legal and ethical to sell my firm
  • What will my clients think
  • Will my staff stay
  • How long will I need to keep working after I sell it

  • Should I just stop taking cases and phase out
  • Do I have enough to live on if I close my doors
  • What do I want to do next

Want to hear a secret?

I’ve been where you are and sold my law firm at the age of 50 for 6x net revenues and have helped other law firm owners sell theirs.

What if I told you that there are many lawyers looking to start or expand their practice through acquisition

Suddenly, sitting on the beach, writing that novel, or playing with your grandkids feels a lot closer, doesn’t it?

With the right recipe, detailed tutorials, and weekly question and answer sessions you can:

Increase the value of your firm so you can get the highest offer and use those assets for your next venture

Increase the Salability of your Firm to attract suitable buyers that are happy to pay you for what you have built and keep your legacy alive

Enjoy planning the next phase of your life on your terms


Increasing the Value & Salability of Your Law Firm

A nuts and bolts 8 week course to help you create a firm that you can sell for top dollar when you are ready to exit or retire.

What's Inside?


  #1 Walk Away Happy Checklist and Assessment for Business Owners 

This Assessment will help you determine if your business is ready for you to exit and where you may need to focus to get it ready.

  #2 Personal Readiness Assessment

This assessment will guide you in understanding if you are emotionally prepared to exit your law firm and prepare you for a successful personal transition from business ownership to the next phase in life.

  #3 Valuation of Your Law Firm

No one should sell or close down their law firm unless they know the value of it. The valuation is the first step when you are ready to step out.

What You'll Get

Increasing the Value and Salability of Your Law Firm (Value $10,500)

Bonus 1: Walk Away Happy Checklist & Assessment (Value $47)
Bonus 2: Personal Readiness Assessment (Value $997)
Bonus 3: Business Valuation (Value $5,500)

TOTAL VALUE: $17,044


Do you think it’s too soon to
plan for your exit or retirement?

Here’s the truth:  Anything can happen to anyone at any time! Planning now, before you are ready to retire, increases the value of your business, the enjoyment of continued practice, and the salability when the time is right.  

You will be able to set your price

– waiting until the last minute creates a fire sale and reduces the price dramatically; starting now allows you to position to transition for the highest value 

You will be able to select your buyer

– waiting until the last minute causes desperation and bad decisions, to include who you sell to; starting early gives you options and better buyer choices

You will have the energy and motivation for a successful transition

– waiting too long can lead to burn-out, overwhelm, and stress causing many people to just close their doors, leaving money on the table

Hello, I am Victoria Collier!

Before I started guiding lawyers with creating Turnkey Law Offices and buying and selling law firms, I built and managed my own law firm right out of law school, for 18 years. For five years prior to selling it, I averaged $1.5 million in gross revenue per year.  Since 2006 I have been coaching lawyers on how to develop better law firms, increase efficiencies and profits. Additionally, I continue to co-own another 7-figure business.

At the age of 50, with 10 year old twins, and as the sole income earner in my household, I decided it was time for a change. It has always been, and continues to be, my personal and professional mission to lead others in living their highest quality of life.  Thus, I sold my law firm, became a Certified Exit Planning Advisor and Certified Value Builder, and devoted myself full-time to guiding lawyers in exiting their law firms so they could begin their next phase living their highest quality of life. 

I also bought a farm, grew hemp for CBD products, and raised chickens, ducks, goats and horses. 


This course was made for you if…

⬣ You want a business that works for you instead of you spending all your time strapped to your desk

⬣  You want to leverage systems, time, people, and profits

⬣ You are 2-5 years from wanting to step away from the day-to-day grind of practicing law

⬣ You want to get paid for your time, sweat, tears, and years you put into your law firm

⬣  You want your legacy to continue

⬣ Or, if you are just tired and ready to retire


Isn’t it about time to stop daydreaming about a better life with less stress and either create a law firm that works for you or find a buyer that values all that you have built and is happy and willing to pay you for it?